Thursday, 06 October 2011

There is no burger like a Jo'Burger...

As a VERY proud Jozi girl I always find it quite annoying when people talk about how amazing, wonderful and beautiful Cape Town is. 
"We have Table Mountain, and the sea and we are all so laid back... 
blah blah blah". 

I have however changed my tune quite a bit, as a recent visit to the Mother City blew me away completely (and not just literally). 
With the excuse of hand-delivering a Booola Bag I was off to Cape Town late one Friday night in August.
A weekend with local friends meant wine-tasting, market dwelling, eating, more wine-tasting and the simple art that the people of the Cape have perfected...'chilling'. 
Slowly I fell in love as I saw the city with different eyes. 
I felt like a foreigner, exploring my own country. Finally appreciating the culture, diversity, scenery and yes...

The Mountain.

So although I am still very proud to be from Jo'Burg, I am no longer fighting the call of the Cape. 
At the end of the day we are all South African, and proud to be just that.

Besides, the Mother City could use some Egoli Gold around her neck every once in a while...


  1. I know what you meant! I'm from a small town of Minas Gerais, Brazil! And sometimes it's really good to explorate the cape town!!!

    HAve a lovely day,

  2. Nice pictures, it seems to be very beautiful there!

    Knitted Love

  3. Thanks, it is, South Africa is the most beautiful country!


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